US Anesthesia Partners

Case Study
USAP partnered with iVEDiX to translate multiple core data elements currently sourced from fragmented repositories, non-digitized input forms, spreadsheets, etc. into a contemporary mobile scheduling and management dashboard, with the vision of creating an integrated ecosystem that will be an industry first for any practice.

miVEDiX brings a unified, interactive, immersive and intelligent mobile-first application from dashboards to billing for the organization with the following capabilities built-in.
a. Clinical Quality Metrics dashboard
b. At a glance schedules
c. Risk factors assessment and scheduling action displays
d. Rules and billing code associations with procedures
e. Clinical documentation and protocols including must-read regulatory bulletins
f. Alerts, notifications, and write-back
g. Secure chat threads
h. Blue sheet and procedure credentialing
i. Analytics, usage and usability metrics

The iVEDiX team conducted an extensive source system and workflow assessment prior to blue-printing the ultimate design for deployment using the miVEDiX platform. The following process milestones were part of the key deliverables:

  1. Design
    a. User Interface and User Experience blueprint
    b. Metrics and calculations
    c. Persona Driven access and visualizations
    d. Integrated Case-Schedule design
    e. Dynamic Intelligent Navigation
    f. Responsive Visual Logic
    g. User Experience for Unstructured Path flows
  2. Model
    a. The schema for the integrated modules
    b. Conceptual and Logical Data model
    c. Responsive profile-centric workflow
    d. Dimensional database model
    e. Integrated Scheduling, Staffing, Case and Demographic data
    f. Metadata configuration
    g. Semantic directory
    h. The integrated security model for profile and metadata awareness
  3. Deploy
    a. Training and Onboarding
    b. Post Production Support