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Situation Room

The most advanced platform to be able to track, trace, and inform on public health data.

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UNAIDS – Champion Data Partner
Situation Room

It is not HIV-AIDS tool only. It is a tool that will take AIDS out of isolation and make the link with maternal health, child health, with NCDs, with cancer, with all those issues which are affecting our people.”

Michel Sidibé
Executive Director – UN Aids (2009- 2019)

The platform and technology.

When we fail to share information that could morph into actionable knowledge, humanity pays a heavy price. Information is not power. Knowledge is.

iVEDiX built the platform and the technology dubbed the ‘Situation Room’ by UNAIDS five years before COVID-19 consumed our planet. The iVEDiX Situation Room was originally deployed for tracking HIV in multiple countries including Kenya. As a Champion Data Partner of UNAIDS, it is widely regarded as the most advanced platform to be able to track, trace, and inform on public health data.

Africa CDC Ebola

In 2018, iVEDiX created the Ebola Response Tracker Application which allowed the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Congo to track, in real-time, the location of all response teams – in the office or in the field. Using smartphone GPS capabilities, iVEDiX was able to track and trace staff movements to better understand the path of the outbreak.

UNAIDS HIV, Malaria, TB Tracking

The Situation Room refers to both the mobile-friendly digital platform and the physical command center that enables community-level users to access useful, real-time data. That unified, meaningful view of all data in a centralized way can be one of the most empowering tools in a country’s arsenal.

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