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Your Data is
Begging to Alert You

Dashboards tell you what has happened.

iVEDiX tells your organization what will happen.

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iVEDiX transforms the experience of collecting, aggregating, visualizing, and analyzing data from connected assets, sensors, and systems.

Tags and Sensors produce billions of data points from location information to temperature and vibration readings constantly. Our software has the ability to read this data as soon as it’s generated using any one of the multiple protocols that are part of the IoT industry-standard today (GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, LORA, etc). The iVEDiX platform can blend tag/sensor data with traditional streams of data (ERP, MES, DWH, etc.) on the fly, in real-time, to provide incredibly powerful insight on how your business is really operating vs perception.

The CORE part of the Platform has the ability to consume this data/information and tag it with rules, thresholds, workflows, and exceptions. Notification parameters can then be configured to transmit exceptions to the rules via text, email, app-badges, or reports.

Visualizing IoT data in real-time and in aggregation, then marrying that granular detail with your over-arching business goals. Tying your entire workflow together. Putting digital transformation into action, from the shop floor to the C-suite. That’s the power of iVEDiX.


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